Building Trust & Effectiveness in Congress


Transition Tasks for New House Members

This month, the first of four Advocacy Leaders Network (ALN) workshops focused on how to begin working with new Members of Congress. With the new 113th Congress established in office, it’s time to focus on fostering good relationships with the Members and their staff. This ALN event hosted a panel of three current and former House Chiefs of Staff who shed light on best (and worst) practices they’ve encountered as they set up new offices. They also shared some insights into what it’s like setting up a new office. Understanding their experiences can also help you build relationships with these Freshmen Members.

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#SocialMedia Cheat Sheet: Great Tips to Apply to Constituent Outreach

The 113th Congress looks as if it is quickly adapting to the changing world of social media. In fact, the vast majority of the newly elected Congress members (all but three, to be precise) have Twitter accounts. Read on to learn some useful tips on optimizing your communication through twitter.

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Five Ways to Engage Freshmen Legislators

The election is long over. By now the advocacy community is settling into 2013 legislative strategies and identifying key figures to champion their agenda. With one of the largest freshmen classes this century, which new Members will join your cause? Which Members may have a connection to your issue or your supporters?

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Learning the Lessons of Campaign 2012 and Applying Them to Your Advocacy Campaign

When it comes to technology and tactics, political campaigns are often the laboratories for advocacy campaigns. What was tested in November’s election is often translated into grassroots strategies after the Congress is sworn in. So what are those lessons and how can you apply them to YOUR advocacy campaign? That was the subject of the most recent 2012 Advocacy Leaders Network (ALN) workshop entitled “Learning the Lessons of Campaign 2012 and Transforming Them to an Advocacy World.”

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You’re Invited to the Final Advocacy Leaders Network Workshop September 21

The final of four workshops in the 2012 Advocacy Leaders Network (ALN) series will be held next Friday, September 21. The fourth workshop, “Learning the Lessons of Campaign 2012 and Transforming them to an Advocacy World,” will discuss how to apply campaign tactics to your advocacy efforts – all aimed at senior advocacy, government affairs, and public relations professionals. ALN is hosted by the Congressional Management Foundation, as part of its Partnership for a More Perfect Union, which seeks to enhance communications, understanding, and the relationship between citizens and Congress. It is sponsored by Beekeeper Group, Bloomberg Government, and Verizon.

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Five Strategies for Building Successful Relationships with Elected Officials

Building relationships with lawmakers and their staff often appears intimidating, confusing and – worst of all – a waste of time. However, a survey of congressional staff conducted by the Congressional Management Foundation showed “in-person visits by constituents” was the best strategy to influence an undecided lawmaker. But how do you do it?

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Winning the Vote: 8 Steps to Running a Successful Advocacy Campaign on Capitol Hill

Does your organization advocate well on the local level, but is afraid to make the leap to Washington? Look no further. Anyone can launch a winning advocacy campaign on Capitol Hill – you just have to follow the right steps.

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New Benefits to CMF Partners

As the Congressional Management Foundation continues to expand the Partnership for a More Perfect Union, we are seeking ways to provide Partners with additional tools to educate your grassroots supporters on effective citizen advocacy. With that in mind, CMF is creating two new benefits for Partners.

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