Building Trust & Effectiveness in Congress

Managing Changes in Budgets & Benefits

CMF's survey of senior congressional staff indicates that reduced office budgets and changes to staff healthcare could lead to a significant number of staff departures.

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Gold Mouse Awards

In April, CMF will announce the winners of the 113th Congress Gold Mouse Awards. Learn more about our process and criteria, as well as about our first-ever awards for social media.

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Life in Congress

The third report of this series, "Life in Congress: Job Satisfaction and Engagement of House and Senate Staff," reveals what congressional staff value most about their workplace and is based on a survey of more than 1,400 staffers.

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This report, part of the "Communicating with Congress" project, represents the first research into how Congress uses social media to gauge opinion and communicate with constituents.

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Cutback Management

To assist Hill managers with several years of funding cuts, CMF produced a short manual containing 46 budget-cutting ideas and strategies for saving on big-ticket and small-ticket items, which can be applied to both House and Senate offices.

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The Power of Citizen Advocacy

Contrary to popular belief, citizens have more power than they realize. Most of the congressional staff we surveyed said constituent visits have 'some' or 'a lot' of influence on an undecided Member of Congress, more than any other influence group or strategy.

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Recent Updates

Congressional Management Foundation

Congress: For the Sake of Your Staff, Find a Way to Unplug

Recent research has shown clear signs of burnout among congressional staff, and with appropriations season and hundreds of fly-ins upon us, the workload shows no sign of lessening. So what can you do? In this month's Roll Call commentary, Brad Fitch discusses some creative ways for Members and staff to unplug – even if temporarily.

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The Four Muppets You Find on the Hill

Recently, CMF had the pleasure to host a Muppets-inspired program for House Chiefs of Staff. Presented by A.J. Robinson, this program discussed how managers can use the Muppets to identify four common staff roles on a team, and how to improve team performance by reducing the tension and conflict that can arise from these various roles. So, which Muppet sounds most like you and your staffers?

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D.C. Vs. Hollywood — Our Washington Vs. Theirs

Capitol Hill (and CMF) staffers joined millions in binge-watching "House of Cards" and obsessing over its fictional accounts of D.C. In this month's Roll Call commentary, self-proclaimed superfan Brad Fitch explores how media and entertainment portrayals of Congress impact or even drive our deepening cynicism about American politics.

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Join Us Next Friday to Kick Off the 2014 Advocacy Leaders Series

CMF is very excited to kick off the 2014 Advocacy Leaders Network (ALN) with “Can You Hear Me Now? Why Talking to Regulatory Agencies Matters & How to Do It,” a session focusing on how best to engage with the executive branch. ALN is a workshop series tailored to senior advocacy, government affairs, and public relations professionals, and is offered as part of CMF’s Partnership for a More Perfect Union, which seeks to enhance communications, understanding, and the relationship between citizens and Congress.

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CMF works internally with House and Senate offices to foster improved management practices. From interns to Chiefs of Staff to Members themselves, CMF provides services adapted to the unique congressional environment. Read more

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